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Partner Programme

A great way to boost your income is by making referrals to us.


Our professional website packages and marketing services are ideal for small businesses and organisations who want to get online quickly and are looking for great value. For bigger clients we offer a full agency experience through our business Proclaim Marketing.


Our partner programme is suitable for Accountants, Financial Advisors, Business Consultants, Social Media Experts or Agencies. In fact anyone who comes into contact with new business start ups and business owners on a regular basis.




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Product Range

We build high quality websites with a twist ... we can do everything for our customers including writing their content, plus we take care of the all technical stuff such as SEO and domain name management. 


Our basic site packages sell for £299 but we also offer a £499 range plus custom build much bigger websites that sell for thousands of pounds.


In addition to this we also offer graphic design, branding and print services.


As one of our partners you will have the opportunity to profit from all these products

Earning Potential

Your potential to make money with our programme is completely uncapped.


You can expect to earn £49 - £500 per project depending on what the client orders. With this in mind I am sure you can see the potential is there to make thousands of pounds a year just for making referrals to us.


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